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New Frontier Recording Studio supporting local talent in Northern Ireland. A professional service for reasonable rates!
Special Rates for local bands / musicians / solo artists. If you are considering a recording project, call us first!

About New Frontier Recording Studio

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Nestling in the village of Jonesborough in Co. Down, just on the border with Co. Louth, is NEW FRONTIER, a little recording studio with character and charm. Here at NEW FRONTIER, we welcome all artists, but particularly new and up-and-coming artists, and we invite you to record here at times that will suit your busy schedule. We offer really attractive rates, and all-in package deals that will suit your pocket, because we know that artists starting out have to work to a tight budget. We've all been there, and that's why NEW FRONTIER aims to produce a quality product to showcase your talent without 'getting the arm in'! So, if you are thinking about getting your tracks down sure to talk to us first.

Just give us a ring and talk to Paddy, who will be only too pleased to help you plan your project. We are affordable, flexible and friendly, and you can be assured of a professional service from start to finish!

Cover Artwork


We can handle all of your artwork for you, or you can use your own, whichever you prefer. We can help recommend local printers and web designers to help with the promotion of your product. At the end of the day, we're here to help get your product out there!

CD Pressing


We can offer you a CD pressing service at competitive prices, or we can hand you the Master if you prefer to source your own manufacturing plant. We can also master your tracks to mp3 or any other format you wish - handy for selling online!



We can produce your sessions for you, or if you have someone in mind for the job, our in-house engineer can work with that person on your sessions. We also have a team of seasoned session musicians on call if you would prefer to book them for your session(s).



Thinking of selling online? We work in conjunction with NI Web Solutions, a local web design company with a lot of experience in the entertainment industry, who can help you sell online, or design a website, with song download facilities, for you at a competitive price.

Equipment List

Ryan at the Controls!

Hardware & Software

Mac Pro G5 2.7GHz -- Fireface 400 Interface 4x4 -- Cubase V.6 -- EZ Drummer -- Trillan Total Bass Module -- Ivory Grand Piano VST -- Alesis 8 Adat Pre's -- ADAM A-7 Monitors -- Yamaha NS-10 Monitors -- Further Yamaha Monitors -- AKG K702 Reference Headphones -- Tascam M-3500 24 Channel Desk

Outboard Rack

Kurzweil MicroPiano -- USB MIDISport 4x4 -- Solton MS40 -- Alesis SR16 -- Tascam CD-RW700 -- Tascam MD-350 -- TL Audio VP-5051 Valve Vcal Processor -- Lexicon MPX1 Reverb Unit -- Alesis MidiVerb 4 -- Alesis QuadVerb -- Berhinger PowerPlay 4-way Headphone Amp -- Drawmer Dual Compressor/Limiter -- Drawmer Quad Gate/Expander


SE Electronics Gemini 2 Valve Mic -- Rode NT2 -- Audio Technica AT4040 x2 -- Shure SM57 x2 -- Shure SM86 -- AKG S1000


Roland TD-3 Eectronic Drum Kit (linked w/ EZ Drummer) -- Hand Built Custom Telecaster -- Fender USA Srat -- Hohner B2A Bassuitar -- Marlin Bass w/MIDI Pickup -- Electric Guitar w/MIDI Pickup -- Epiphone Les Paul -- TangleWood Acoustic -- Ensoniq Digital Wave Synth -- Various Percusson Instruments

Amps & Effects

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100w Head -- Marshall 1960A 4x12 -- Fender 1994 Twin Reverb "The Evil Twin" -- Vox Tonelab LE Valve Guitar Processor -- Boss Pedals including: Blues Driver | DD-3 Digital Delay | Chorus | EQ -- Onner Wah-Wah Pedal